Monday, September 23, 2013

Do you have any "Door Dwellers"?

This, my friends, is my vintage 1985 model
GE side-by-side, ice thru the door
awesome refrigerator!
complete with magnets from the
last 28 years...
I can't bear to part with it; because
it's had one repair in 28 years
replaced the rubber around the doors
they are not makin 'em like this anymore folks!

Check out that retro brown and black
shelf design
I'm getting pretty personal to let you see my naked self  shelf!

My husband says there's a place for everything
and everything in it's place.
Hence, my question
Do you have any Door Dwellers?
What items in your refrigerator hangs out
in your door shelves?

It may be the same things in your refrigerator
that's in our refrigerator shelves
can you guess it?
whatta you think?
frustrate you if you reach for them and they're not there?
uh, no!
not me
but my husband, YES!

 You guessed it
They must be in the door
"Door Dwellers"

I hate it when a designated door dweller won't
fit in the shelf.
I either have to move the shelf
not happening
set them in the regular space in the refrigerator.

I'm thinking there should be a standard height 
for condiment packaging
and they should be stamped
so we'd never have to wonder if they will play nice
and dwell in our doors!
What do you think?
Should I call the patent office?
Leave me a comment!

Re-arranging my self shelves,
The Happy Handicap

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