Wednesday, September 4, 2013

5 Ways to Encourage Special Education Students

Okay, okay I'll admit it! I have a beautiful family
I never anticipated our daughters 
Sydnee (the bride) and Sloane (maid of honor)
to be teachers.
Steve and I are so proud of them!

Sydnee was an undecided senior in high school
taking the same class with a young man
who suffered a tragic accident
leaving him profoundly paralyzed.
She believes God used this experience to mold
her future as a Special Education teacher.
 Sydnee has a big heart for her students!
Recently, she was challenged to find a learning environment
for one of her classes.
Should this be her job? Not sure.
She rose to the challenge but not without challenges.
See these boxes
 they all had to be moved
by me
using these
Sydnee is expecting my first grandchild
everyone else was busy...figures.
We got the job done though...
here's the room conducive to learning
storage room now classroom
Finally, I was/am impressed with Sydnee's philosophies
which is the subject of this post

1. Have the same goal for all your students 
2. Understand your students but don't be easy on them
  1. hard-work-and-learning
    3. Make reminder rules visible so your students know them
     4. Provide a welcome learning environment that is not "different" from other classrooms.

    5. Treat your students like all other kids. 

    Take it from me, "The Happy Handicap" we don't want things easy or treated differently!
    Please share your ways to encourage special education students by leaving a comment.

    Always Encouraged,
    The Happy Handicap 

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