Saturday, September 21, 2013

3 Kitchen Tools I Highly Recommend

In the kitchen and anytime
when preparing for a meal
no time for this...
gotta, go, go GO!
This is where the
3 Kitchen Tools I Highly Recommend
can help you
sit down at your table
enjoy the food and your family!

Pampered Chef is my friend
no, I don't sell it but I do
have a fabulous consultant
you can order from her website by clicking her name

What are the 3 Kitchen Tools I Highly Recommend?
The Pampered Chef Julienne Peeler
it makes my ordinary carrots look
like a chef labored over them but
I did it effortlessly!
The Manual Food Processor is awesome
it creates the most perfect egg salad
I've ever tasted.
I'm almost fanatical about
getting the eggs cut up in the same size pieces
manually and again effortlessly
you get this
add some mayonnaise, salt & pepper, sweet relish
stir and eat

The last kitchen tool is a must for every cook
The Pampered Chef Covered Baker
it makes perfect chicken (or any meat) in the oven
every time...
  like this...
The very, very best thing about these tools are
I got them FREE!
Healthy food conveniently
Pretty food effortlessly
the chance the earn great products
"What am I waiting for? There's new products out now!"
Let's have a pampered chef party!

I couldn't end this blog without giving you a bonus
the Color Coated Utility Knife!
I have two and they stay busy every day.
I love them so much 
I'm giving one away.
Enter the facebook contest here!
Good Luck!
Here's to healthy, convenient food
& free products,
The Happy Handicap

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