Monday, September 9, 2013

How to Cook & Clean at the Same Time

Do you ever get tired of putting hamburgers on the dinner table?

I love hamburgers
could eat them every day.
My husband...not so much

Today, we started back
on our healthy food (yuck)
not really
I'd like to lose a pound or 12

Do you ever cook & clean at the same time?
I'm talking - empty or clean the fridge
to make a meal?
We're going out of town
so the fridge must be clean

Here's how I cooked & cleaned tonight
A pound of ground beef browned
set aside
I sauteed onion, celery, garlic & green bell pepper
red bell pepper would have added color & taste
but I'm cooking & cleaning
out the fridge
onion-celery-garlic-bell pepper
Saute till veggies change colors
not like a chameleon
just so you can see thru them
somewhat translucent
Add ground beef back to pan
with a can of tomato soup
cleaning out the pantry this time
Cleaning out the fridge & pantry
cuts down food waste and

So quick and takes just like the original stuffed peppers
see the rice?
"Stir-fry UN-stuffed Pepper"
is what I named it.
served with some baked broccoli
broccoli salad
two sides of broccoli helps with the diet
exercise on a stalk
I worried the hubs wouldn't eat it
ha! he cleaned his plate
complimented my efforts
wants the leftovers 
as a sloppy joe!

The Happy Handicap

Ever cleaned the fridge and created a keeper recipe from a throw down?
I'd love to hear about it. Love me with a comment!

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