Friday, February 15, 2013

Why "Identity Thief" is Cheaper than Therapy

WARNING: This review is not yet rated and may not be approved for all audiences. This material contains light-hearted jokes (I'm not making fun...
well...I don't mean to) and should only be followed with close supervision from your physician.

Young Steven and I went to the movies for Valentine's for the first time in --oh--18 years? Seriously! I love the movies. Him? Not so much. I usually go with the girls or my girlfriends. We enjoyed the movie especially rocking bargain tickets at $5.50 each! Eleven bucks beats psychotherapy prices any day. 

See it and avoid the therapy couch for the following issues:
  • Depression - You'll laugh until you hurt. The looming black cloud hovering over your head will disappear for 111 hilarious minutes.
  • Low Self-Esteem - The "thief" in this movie is so bad you'll feel good about yourself.
  • Marital Problems - If your husband goes with you, you'll realize he must love you to go to a movie with no hot girls, no hot sex and no machine gun, marital arts or explosive violence.
  • Family Disputes - You may leave the movie theater appreciating your in-laws tearing up as you dial your mother-in-law to tell her you love her.
  • Alcoholism - You'll learn what a "melon ball" is, why you should avoid them and why you'll picture elephants in your head differently for a while.
  • Personality Disorders - You'll hug your husband, as quietly as possible, for his misophonia disorder.
  • Addiction - You'll fall in love with and feel sorry for the thief in this movie. You may also want to punch her in the face like you've imagined doing to the chain-smoker at your house.

The movie is excellent (strong language excluded). Humor and plot! 

Feeling Happier, More Confident, Loving and Free,
The Happy Handicap

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  1. This was soooo good! I went last wkd and was laughing like the whole time! We really enjoyed it. You are right! Totally therapeutic! Happy sharing SITStah! Http://

    1. I'm still feeling good when I think back to some of the hilarious stuff! Thanks for stopping by! Off to visit your blog.

  2. I haven't seen it, but I like several of the actors in it!

  3. Now I want to see the movie. I can't even remember the last time Duffy and I went to a movie!!

    1. Ask Duffy on a date and go! That's what I did. We also had a 'reason' to go...Valentine's. We love movies but never go to the theater. The first gift Steve bought me when dating was a VCR, now, that dates me! We had fun, ya'll will too! :)