Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Sweet Life of a Farmer

Are you a fan of Super Bowl Commercials? Their popularity grows every year. My 2013 favorite is So God Made a Farmer. It featured Paul Harvey's speech at the 1978 FFA Convention. If you've been a farmer, know a farmer or are a farmer, it was quite moving. Watch it and be inspired. Kudos to Dodge for
highlighting God in a far-reaching arena. "So God Made a Farmer" didn't make the Washington Posts' Top 5 but it made an impression on me. I'd forgotten the speech I heard sometime ago. Trust me, the second impact was as powerful as the first.

My parents are farmers. My Dad loves to turn, plow and layoff. If it involves a tractor, he's in! My Mom loves the dirt and anything that grows, except weeds! The commercial moved me as I pictured my parents. I envisioned them scurrying to prepare the ground at the right time. I remembered them placing seeds using their feet to cover them with dirt. The love and care they exercise are unique. I hear them ask for rain to multiply their efforts. They try every season to invent ways to avoid weeds but they're still hoeing! When harvest time comes and it always does, they happily gather the fruit or vegetable of their labor. Then, they sit down to enjoy a meal rivaled by none other. I love my parents.

I miss the authoritative commentaries of Paul Harvey. I think God loaned his voice to Paul. I imagine God's voice with the same kind, compassionate tone filled with instruction, without criticism; a voice so endearing you can't turn away. I guess God tends people like we tend gardens. We are the dirt he plants with seeds of his Word. His Spirit rains invitation to accept Jesus sprouting new birth. God waters us, warms us, prunes us and supplies our need. We gotta hoe the weeds! When harvest time comes and it always does, he'll pluck us from the vine of life one by one. Then, we'll sit down to enjoy a meal rivaled by no other.  Yes...God is a Farmer.

Are you a farmer? Comment me about your sweet life...or sweetly share this post.

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