Tuesday, February 5, 2013

blogs I love: "kitchen anatomy"

You, friends, may be so crafty your hands morph into hammers or spatulas like Edward Scissor-hands! But me, I'm not that quick. Wouldn't it be great though if we could think about a pair of scissors and they
appear in our hands? I rummage through at least three drawers pulling out pens and pencils, old pictures and tape measures getting crud under my unkempt fingernails to simply find a pair of scissors. I do the same thing with kitchen tools. When I return them to their place, I say "I'm gonna remember where I put those." I never do! Do you?

Anyway, I'm amazed at the wonderful blogs out there! My eyes bug out and my jawbone unhinges similar to "The Mask" up there. Whether these gals use scissors, hammers or spatulas to prepare some of this stuff, I don't know. I do know I'm impressed.  
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Introducing "kitchen anatomy". The author Meggan loves to cook. She's also passionate about medicine. She is a Physician's Assistant student with a lot of stress. Her stress reliever is kitchen fever! I love the design of her blog. The clean, crisp freshness draws me into her posts. The font is manual-esque and easy to read. Her photos brilliant. The recipes look yummy! The first recipe I'm trying is individual taco "cups". That's them, up there! Click the links, look around her site a bit, subscribe to the blog and leave her a comment about her obvious good taste. Oh, and be sure to tell her you linked up with her here at The Happy Handicap. Then, leave me a comment. I'd like to know how her site inspired you!

Why do physicians wear a stethoscope around their neck? Because they can't find them in a drawer! lol

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