Saturday, February 2, 2013

3 Thoughtful & Inexpensive Gifts for your Mr.

Are you the girl or lady who thinks of creative gifts for your Mr. all the time? Well, sister, that's not me! If it's not you either, this post may help. I've put together three gifts for my husband lately that made an impression. And after all, isn't that why we give gifts? We want them to make our mister smile, remember us when they look at them and just generally make them happy! 'Cause when Daddy smiles everybody's having a good day!


The Eye Glass Totem I found this adorable eye glass holder at World Market. Our idea for Valentine's Day the past several years has been to buy gifts for less than $10. I had budget to spare with this $5.99 gift. The best thing is he actually uses it! Many costly gifts wind up in the drawer and never used. My husband, Steve is always losing his glasses. I gave him this holder with a cute little note telling him "So you'll always know where they are!" You can make up your own sweet note. If your Mr. doesn't wear glasses, it's also a great key ring holder. Keys are always getting lost at our house too! Whatever he uses it for, every time he looks at it, he'll clearly see you!

52 Things I Love About You Box Got this idea from Pinterest. Loved it so much I made several for my husband, my daughters, my son-in-law and my parents! Begin by writing down 52 things you love about the person getting the gift. You'll think "That's easy". It almost made my brain hurt a couple of times thinking. Your "things" should be thoughtful, unusual, awesome! They pack a bigger punch if they are uber-personal. For example, one of my husband's, "I love you for being a non-smoker." He appreciated it. He quit smoking long ago which was difficult for him and vividly remembered. I'd never told him how much his selflessness, giving up a habit he loved, meant to me. Awww! Use boxes you have lying around to save money. Print a label for each box to personalize more. My husband's box has a comic of his passion, a motorcycle. Use paper and pencil or print 52 items using Word or Notepad. Cut them into strips, fold and place in the box. Your Mr. will read one per week until next Valentine's Day! He'll think of you with each one he reads and be grinning week after week!

 Unframed 4x6 Photo Does your husband have a cubicle at work? Mine does. The limited space leaves little room for mementos. Work is always stressful. The idea of creating my mister an edited photo to put on his sticky board inside his cubicle was a success. Edit your photo with a free editor. You can make it anything you want -- cute, sexy, funny, you imagine it! Secretly, I think this fulfilled my dream of being a pin-up girl! (Laughing at myself) A handicap girl has to have her fun! I wanted my man to know I appreciate him bringing home the bacon. I pray for him and his job daily. The pin-up 4x6 unframed photo reminds him of my love and encouragement every time he looks at it.  I'm his biggest cheerleader!

Gifting Valentine Values,
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  1. Good ideals and very thoughtful. You can tell you love him.A little LOL