Monday, September 15, 2014

Mom-ism Monday #16

Do you believe everything you hear or read? If it's on that internet, it's gotta be true, right? That internet being a trusted source is a running joke at our house! My Mom and husband are somewhat skeptical. They take most things with a grain of salt with one eyebrow cocked as if it were some kind of truth-seeking device. Instead of innocent until proven guilty, it's false until proven true!

Neither my mom nor my husband would ever want to say or admit aloud that someone was purposely telling an untruth. That's not nice! So my mom, in her best lady-like southern style would say instead, "Now, that's just.....

too thick
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In other words, what you're saying is just too unbelievable for her to believe! If you've ever made icing too thick, you understand. Thick icing keeps rolling up and won't cover well. It may even tear your cake or pastry enough to need repair. Thick icing can be watered down to make it easy to spread. I suppose stories could be watered down to be more believable too? But, too thick icing is like a too tall story. Hard to swallow!

Have you ever heard Mom-ism #15? Mom has said it all my born days! Leave me a comment about it. It's akin to another mom-ism she uses. That's just too fishy to smell good!

Someone yell for the water girl?
The Happy Handicap

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