Thursday, September 11, 2014

Does your Internet Provider give you Rewards?

It's Thursday and that means time to save some dough! My local telephone and internet provider Windstream just came out with a nifty new program. Designed to "Thank You" for your business by giving you a "gift" for accumulated points. If Windstream is your carrier, you can sign up for the program here. Here's how it works:

It's Easy. Get Points for: Account Services, Loyal Customer, Interact with Windstream Online
Use points for rewards: Account Credits, Gift Cards, Gear & Equipment, Plus More
My favorite reward is ACCOUNT CREDITS! I might also save up for a gift card or two. Windstream can't thank you unless you join. If your carrier isn't Windstream, call and ask if they have a rewards program. If they don't, you should surely suggest it! Mention what Windstream is doing to make their customers happy! Saving money and great communication services are a win/win! BA, BA, BA, BA, BA I'm loving it!

Get money, Be happy,
The Happy Handicap 

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