Saturday, September 27, 2014

An "Allergy" Word from our Family

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Welcome to fall allergy season! I'm not sure what is in the air but my sinus holes feel like they've had a wedge driven into them. How are you feeling?. My granddaughter had her first unwell baby doctor visit Monday. Ten months without an ear infection or runny nose. That's impressive. I'm hoping that means her immune system is a good one. Her mom, my husband and my daughter are sick with it too. I worry most about my husband with his already compromised respiratory problems. Please say a pray for him.

Allergies even affect poor ole Herm dog. Steve gave him a steroid shot this week. Seems like every spring and fall he scratches off the hair from his eyebrows after a few hour-long romps in the hay field. See the white patches on his eyes and nose where his hair is coming out. Such a sweet puppy!
dog scratching out hair
My dad's side of our family has respiratory issues. We call it the Parker Curse. My grandfather and two uncles passed with respiratory failure and my aunt passed with lung cancer, all on my dad's side. I've always had severe allergies myself along with many other cousins that suffer like me.
allergy season
I came across our word of the week when visiting with my dad's brother Leonard or Lent as we called him. It's pronounced the way it is written "As-Me". I stopped by his house and ask him how he's feeling and he always replied "My asme's killing me!" Asthma is no laughing matter for folks who have it. Lent was right. His asme took him to the pearly gates almost five years ago. So now, I affectionately refer to asthma as asme in honor of my Uncle Lent. May you rest in peace sweet soul.

If you or your family members suffer from asthma, here are 14 tips to prevent asthma attacks that may help prevent a life-threatening event. Leave me a comment and let me and others know what helps your allergies or things to do to prevent serious effects of asthma.

Breathe freely,
The Happy Handicap

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