Saturday, September 6, 2014

"Extra" Words in Our Crazy Made-up Family Language Epparksford

The word of the day = "x-tree"

Before you get all concerned, no, we are not against trees or trying to eradicate trees. Our family loves trees! We live in the middle of several 100+ year old hardwoods. We should probably cut them down so they don't fall on our house but we just can't part with them. We are definitely "for" trees.

But, we do take a little xtree cream in our coffee and wish we had a little xtree spring in our steps! Xtree is our slang for extra. I'm not sure how this happened in our family. Every time someone says a word incorrectly, backward or just plain southern, the new word form becomes the norm around our gang. Like my Dad calling my mom One-nater instead of her proper name Juanita.

My favorite "xtree" phrase is "Do you have any xtree change?" Talking about money of course. Who carries a specific amount of money with them so they might have extra to change larger bills or even coins (if the need arises)? Not me, for sure. I never have any xtree money, do you? I wish money did grow on trees then we would have xtree for sure!

Does your family use this word? Leave me comment and tell me your family slang for a common word.

Xtree crazy,
The Happy Handicap


  1. We totally make up words in our family all of the time! Well.... not actually "words" but signs. Our 18yo daughter has moderate and cannot speak. She uses pretty fluent sign language, but since she's not deaf, we aren't really in the deaf community. So, when new words come up in our lives and there's no sign in the sign dictionary, we sorta make things up. This is especially necessary with words for technology. I love those "inside" words and jokes that make a family connected!

    1. Kerith,

      I love your thought about "inside" words and jokes that make a family connected! I've never thought about it connecting a family but it is so true and so much fun when only your family gets it. I hope your book is doing well. I've still got to order me a copy. I'm always a late bloomer!