Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Miracles ARE Happening: Read 4 here!

Remember that special prayer request for my dear friend Angie last week? Thank you so much for your prayers. God performed a miracle. Her pre-op scans were clear, her biopsy surgery was cancelled and she's praising Jesus her Savior! I am too!

My husband Steve goes to pulmonary rehab 3X a week due to pulmonary fibrosis. His resting oxygen saturation was up the last two weeks which is a miracle also. I praise God for every victory, big or small! I went with Steve Friday and met the most precious lady. She told me about two miracles I just have to share. But first, I have to tell you how I got to talking to her.

Her name is June. She was sitting by a lady that was spreading doom about pandemics and terrorism. I happened to sit down beside June and couldn't help but hear the doubt/fear in the woman's voice. I politely said "If you ladies don't stop that talk about pandemics, I'm going to have to move!" June sweetly smiled saying "I've read the book, the good guys win. Do you like to hear about miracles?" I replied "I've read the same book. ABSOLUTELY! Let's hear them!"

She told me of a friend of hers that was cured of cancer as miracle #1 being very bold in giving God all the recognition for his healing. She continued to tell me about her granddaughter that had never met her father. They didn't know who her father was. I didn't ask for any explanations. I just listened in awe. The granddaughter prayed for years to find her Daddy at the right time, God's time. She started law school last year, at age 27. June said God worked it out for her to attend school in Virginia. She found her Dad too....3 streets over from her college! She's now living with her Dad and his wife while attending law school. Only God could work out something that perfectly!

June stood up to leave. She is a small lady. She turned to me and the other lady on the bench and stomped her right foot turning it from side to side if she were squashing something in the ground. She looked at me and said "Know what that means, don't you?" I said "God said he'll put our enemies under our feet!" June smiled at me knowingly. The other lady on the bench sourly said "Well, he better hurry!"

Recognize the miracles in your life today. I'd love to hear yours. Shoot me an email. Give God the praise he deserves.  I don't think He need be in a hurry to conquer an enemy he's already defeated. Do you?

Holding out for a miracle,
The Happy Handicap

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