Tuesday, April 8, 2014

10 Reasons why this is the Best Ever Gluten-free Biscuits

Finally, a light, non-gritty gluten-free biscuit that tastes like it is made from White Lily Self-rising Flour! I'm always looking for a better gluten-free biscuit mix/recipe. I found it in this one. What's better about it? I can name 10 things quickly:

  1. Smooth texture (not gritty like most gluten-free mixes)
  2. Split-able (doesn't fall apart like Bisquick gluten-free)
  3. Yummy homemade taste
  4. Can be rolled and cut into rounds easily
  5. Browns evenly
  6. Reasonably priced mix
  7. Tastes great re-heated 
  8. Almost white on the inside instead of dinghy brown (I got the whiter color by using egg whites)
  9. All the fam loves them
  10. Mix has a loooong shelf life (10 years)
Whose biscuit mix makes the best ever gluten-free biscuits? Augason Farms
 I bought mine mail-order from Walmart for $4!  Walmart sells it cheaper than the manufacturer website.  Was this mix a hidden secret or did I uncover the gluten-free find of the year? Have you tried it? I simply followed the recipe on the can to make the best ever gluten-free biscuits I've tasted. Yummo!

I'd appreciate your comments or reviews of this buttermilk biscuit mix and other Augason Farms gluten-free products you've tried.

Excited about this product,
The Happy Handicap

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