Monday, April 21, 2014

Mom-ism Monday #3

Mom-ism Monday #3 is really a grandmother-ism. My maternal grandmother passed away before I was born. My Mom doesn't talk about her a lot. One thing she said though has become a favorite saying at our house.

My Mom tells the story with a girlish grin on her face. She had five sisters. Their mom would want the girls to
hurry and get ready to go to school or church. The house was small without even an indoor bathroom at the time. If the sisters hesitated or acted shy about dressing or undressing in front of each other, Nellie (my grandmother) would boldly say...

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Yep, that's right! "If you see something you've never seen before, speak to it!" Every time I hear the phrase, I laugh aloud. It's a saying way before it's time especially when she coined it circa 1945. I wish I could have known my grandmother. She sounds like a colorful personality. I'm sure we would have been fabulous friends.

I want to hear from you. Leave me a comment and tell me if you've ever heard this saying?

Lovin' this grandmom-ism,
The Happy Handicap

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  1. I remember Ma very well I still think of her often. I loved staying up there and going to town with her Pa and Helen. Ma was a big talker and knew everybody. she was fun.