Monday, October 7, 2013

Squash Spaghetti or Spaghetti Squash?

Either way you say it
SO tasty and healthy!
Here's what you do...
baked-spaghetti squash
Bake a medium-size spaghetti squash
at 350 degrees for one hour until tender
See my knife mark 
inserted to make sure it's done?
"Done" if your knife goes in easily!
Cool the squash
Then split lengthwise into halves
Clean out the pulp and seeds
by scraping the sides of the squash
with a knife or spoon
Save the "goo" in a bowl
the seeds can be cleaned, baked and eaten!
your cleaned squash will
look something like this...
now to turn a squash into spaghetti noodles...
Hold one squash half upright
scrap the inside with a fork
strands of squash appear similar to noodles
Both halves will make about 2-3 cups of noodles
your hulls will look like this when completely
cleaned out
I removed the dark spots in my noodles
caused by cooking
not really necessary but 
it makes your dish prettier.

Place a serving of squash noodles in a plate
Top with your favorite gluten-free marinara or meat sauce
and you have
Squash Spaghetti or is it Spaghetti Squash?
I was apprehensive about serving this to my hubby
he loved it so much
I'm making it for the guys at his office!
I love him 
 he's so unpredictable

Oh the squash-abilities,
The Happy Handicap

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