Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Last Minute Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

My favorite homemade Halloween costume ever...
and yes, this is me!
as Genie Simmons
picked up all this stuff at a local charity and made this get-up

My 2nd best favorite
again, made from items picked up from a local charity
 When I arrived at our yearly family Halloween party
my nephew was surprisingly dressed as 
Yukon Cornelius from Rudolph! 

One year I was Bo-Peep
my Mom made the outfit with fabric from Walmart
My son-in-law and my daughter were
Beetlejuice and his wife
His outfit is bought but her dress is from a local charity
She made her bangs from the ends of her long hair
by sweeping it over her head (genius)

The next year I was Bo-Peep's sheep! lol
my husband was a farmer...

the couple again
as a sexy devil and the
Phantom of the Opera
My younger daughter as a cop
I made both of these outfits by
simply sewing together 1 yard of
knit material and 
cinching the bust
Can you tell we really get into Halloween?
The time of year where we can really be ourselves! lol
I made this Puss-in-Boots from a piece of printed fabric
that I made minimal seams in and 
added a cat pouch or belly in the front!
 as a playboy bunny
again homemade
Do you recognize the other character?
A few from this year 2013
not homemade!
Ever seen a pregnant fairy?
Now you have!!!
You've also found Waldo!
Just a little fun for Halloween
Hope these pics gave you some ideas
for a few costumes that can be
made last minute
with a few charity items
and some ingenuity!

The Happy Handicap

Leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite costume ever is, homemade or bought?

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