Wednesday, October 2, 2013

God gave me a Gift

God's gift to me...
It's a milestone!
The big 50!
Approaching this day,
 I've taken the time to reflect on things
especially since GOOGLE knows my name!
 I thank God for his blessings too numerous to list!
I also looked over my bucket list
 to see how I'm doing.
 I don't really have a list
 just some things penciled in my head.
 So far, so good!
You might say that I am
right where God wants me to be.
I would say maybe.
We have a lot more to do with the position
 of our lives than we accept responsibility for.
Please don't get me wrong.
God has complete control
 but we have to make decisions
based upon Godly knowledge
 and go forth trusting him.
I know God is pleased with many things
 in my life that honor him,
 i.e. my marriage, my children, my parents, my book, this blog, etc.
 but I also know he is waiting for me
 to do other things he has assigned me
 that I just haven't gotten to yet.
 Today, I challenge you and me
 to make a list of the things
 you know God has for you to do
 but you just can't seem to get around to it
 and next year, about this time,
 let's review our lists!
 If you say "Well...God hasn't told me
 anything he wants me to do."
(I can hear my mother saying that.) 
I say...
 "Have you asked him?"
we live for his pleasure,
 honor and glory,
 not our own.
 It may be just to completely
submit your life to him,
 it may be a big change
you've been struggling with,
 it may be helping your neighbor.
 Here's the thing...
you know what it is
 God gives us gifts every day!
 The wisemen brought him gifts...
What gifts have we given him?

Thankful for every gift,
The Happy Handicap

Share in a comment what gifts you've received from God. It's a great way to praise him!

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