Monday, October 21, 2013

5 Travel Games for Seniors

Last weekend, on a quick trip to Cape San Blas Florida
I suddenly realized my husband and I are getting old
This stark realization happened while riding around the state
I turned to Steve and said,
"We're riding around like OLD people!"
 Later that evening this post came to me
somewhat witty, somewhat humurous
kinda scary but absolutely true!

When physical activity gets limited by
sheer "I've-earned-this-tude" and/or achy bones,
you gotta try
5 Travel Games for Seniors

Bird Spotting
Bird spotting as opposed to bird watching
We saw this awesome group of rare white pelicans
too far off the road for my iphone camera
but interesting to see none-the-less
we also spotted a bald eagle
Name your Distance
Akin to "Name that Tune" but different
Not sure if bladders shrink and colons expand
when getting older but I do know
these sign become very important
There is a definite sport in naming whether you
can make it to the next one or
"We need to STOP NOW!"
Unexpected Photo Bombing
You can see some interesting things on a state highway
things you need a picture for, like, say....a blog.
We actually stopped for these and just
look how they turned out.
We couldn't manage this again if we tried
I also challenge you to make the passenger
mirror on your car look like mine!
Me and garage doors play games sometimes
and they always win...
 What's your pressure?
We stayed with my in-laws and
noticing a blood pressure monitor on the table
I challenged them to a "What's your pressure?" game
Seniors are touchy about their pressures
The rules: Take BP no more than two times
Choose the lower of the two for your number
Take BP pills, add 10 points to your top number
Don't take BP pills, subtract 10 points
No, don't really add or subtract
but this could be a really interesting game
Vary it with your temperature, your blood sugar, reading an eye chart
you get the picture...
Are you Braver than a 5th Grader?
Every time I pulled into a property 
(we were looking at lots for sale)
that had a "No Trespassing" sign on it
I thought Steve would have a heart attack's possible!
I kept saying "I'm not trespassing, I'm looking!"
There is a difference.

We had a great short trip to the Cape
Try 5 Travel Games for Seniors 
on your next outing and let me know the results!
Hope your trips are as adventurous
and fun as ours always are.

Lovin' these games,
The Happy Handicap

Do you have any fun games to add to this list? Leave them in the comments!

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