Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Common Burn Remedies you have at Home

Remember this guy? My finger was "lit up" after I burnt it with a hot glue gun. How many of you have felt that pain? Downright awful plus it made me spit out a few little ugly words!!!

My friends on Facebook came to my rescue with tons of common burn remedies you probably have on-hand. You may find them in your cabinet, your fridge, a pot of dirt or even in your toolbox. These are too handy not to share. Some of these may be new to you, they were to me!

Disclaimer (This is not medical advice. For entertainment purposes only.)


The first 7 are mustard, ice, butter, mayonnaise, toothpaste, ice water and aloe vera plant. To use the aloe vera plant, break a stalk off the plant and soothing cooling goodness oozes out the stalk. Apply as often as you like. Be sure to put the stalk remains in an airtight plastic baggie to keep from drying out.

 My 3 personal favorites are:

1. Fire Talk. A guy told me that his dad used to "talk" the fire out of a burn and it worked every time. Well, I did a little talking but might not be the right kind. ;) 
2. Vicodin. Now I ask, "What won't Vicodin make feel better?"
3. Hatchet. I think the only way this will cure a burn is by creating worse and more distracting pain. What do you think?

Please leave me a comment with your burn remedies you know are tried and true or you've just heard about. Sometimes a bit of common knowledge solves a complicated problem.

Slathering on some kitchen liquids,
The Happy Handicap

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