Thursday, August 29, 2013

3 Surprising Things about Skin Cancer

My husband Steve visited his dermatologist today
 for a suspicious-looking spot on his head
ugly, huh?

What you can't see are the 3 "horns" he calls them

This is Steve
acting silly

Here's the surprising stuff:

1. The large brown spot is benign. The doctor explained if it's uniform in shape, it's usually not cancer or pre-cancer.

2. The "horn's" which you can't see are pre-cancer. Pre-cancerous spots produces something that
feels similar to a briar in your skin.

3. Pre-cancerous spots are usually rough to the touch. Your skin may not appear too disturbing
but if it's unusually rough, have it checked.

Steve had one benign spot and four pre-cancerous patches
just as described above,
the ones that needed treated felt like briars or scaly skin

before treatment & after treatment  

Watching the doc spray burn his poor head was painful for me!
I can't imagine how he felt!
precious baby

Steve asked the doc "What if I start crying?"
She replied "I'll cry with you. I'm a good cry buddy!"
sweet, sweet lady

Is it just me?
did that suspicious spot move backwards?

Please protect your skin with sun block and clothing.
if you see a suspicious spot, prickly or scaly skin
have it checked
prevention is one of the best medicines!

looking for suspicious stuff,
The Happy Handicap

If you have a tip about your experiences with skin cancer, please share it in a comment,
your advice may save us all!

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