Thursday, July 12, 2018

This Made My Heart Skip a Couple of Beats

lost keys

The needful key in that ignition made my heart skip a couple of beats yesterday.  That very same key was misplaced. Steve, Sydnee and I looked for the key for at least an hour. My first inclination for anything, problem or praise, is to pray and ask Jesus for help. I began my pitiful praying about five minutes into our search because honestly, I didn't want to be bothered looking for the keys. They weren't my keys. I didn't misplace them. 

Sound familiar? You may be better at this human being thing than me. I'd be up and at'em if I'd lost my keys.But, I didn't lose my key. Sydnee did.  Humans tend to be a bit accusatory, me included. We also think that the crime requires the time. I began to get worried about 30 minutes into the key search. I looked the house over. The new house is rather unobstructed with junk or furniture so the key should have been easy to find. But it wasn't. I'm concerned...
too hard for God
I've always taught my daughters to trust God, rely on God, ask God for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! One way to increase your faith in God is to ask for help with small things. When he blows you away with help in your every day life, imagine the seemingly insurmountable things he can do that will knock you over! Come on, just try him and see that he is good.

I got serious with my prayer. I went into my bedroom alone. I began my prayer with thankfulness. I praised God for being the all-knowing, omnipotent Creator. Please, I begged, tell me where that key is. Is there anything too hard for you? I got my answer immediately. I didn't say "Are you serious? No. That key is not there." I walked directly to the washing machine, opened the door, rummaged through the unwashed clothes and there it found key! The sight of that key made my heart skip a couple of beats! My heart raced with thrill and awe at the magnificence of Jesus. He speaks to me. Jesus, the son of God, talks to me.

My list of things that are too hard for God is fairly short....
Not One Thing
is too hard for God!
Amazed 365,


  1. God is so good and not to busy to help us with the small issues. I loved you blog.

    1. NEVER too busy! Thanks for reading my friend. :)