Sunday, May 29, 2016

All His Fault, an original poem

religious poem

In case this is hard to read, here is a text version:

All His Fault 
by Tammy P. Stafford

It’s not the Creator’s fault his creatures abuse, refuse and cry.
It’s our fault we reject, have no affect and despise.
The Creator didn’t create murderers, jealousy or greed, deception, bankruptcy or aborting his seed.

It’s not the Creator’s fault his creatures are unkind, rude and dry.
It’s our fault we mock, ridicule and act unwise.
The Creator didn’t create sickness, lies, cancer or death, corruption, brokenness, or meth.

It’s not the Creator’s fault his creatures want, live reckless and pry.
It’s our fault we bicker, blame and wear a disguise.
The Creator didn’t create divorce, alcoholics or fatherless children,
malice, chaos or poor economic trending.

My Creator God is responsible for:
The miracle of birth and loving me first
Helping me walk and to a wonderful husband he brought
Gave me a new song and causes doctor’s diagnoses to be wrong
Took my place, saved me by His Grace
Hung between thieves on a tree
Defeated Death and took the keys
Sent Jesus to die for me and rose on the third day free
He created life for me

These things, these glorious things are all His fault.

Worshiping the Creator,
The Happy Handicap


  1. People blame Him for the consequences of their own actions. They blame Him for the random things that happen. They blame Him for the pain that comes as a result of the actions of others. While He with open arms waits for them to turn to Him so He can comfort and support them in their time of need.