Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What Happens when Dogs Lust

 Meet my canine companion Hermie. Like all good pals he's got nicknames. You might hear him called Hermdog, the Hermeister or simply Herm! I love this mutt. He greets me at the door when I come in, sleeps with me (don't judge) and relies on me for his most basic needs. I know Herm loves me. He shows me by sitting on my lap, giving me kisses and behaving. He knows the house rules and follows them.

Herm enjoys a nice romp in the yard. He runs around without a care in the world until he gets a whiff of a rabbit. He can't resist his hunter instincts. And he's off! The rabbit heads straight toward the tall grass of our hay fields with Hermie close behind. In warm weather, he comes home with grass seed matted in his beautiful black fur like his picture.

I'm aggravated! It takes me an hour to comb out those pesky seeds.  I clean him up.  We make up and the love continues. He knows no matter how far his lust for rabbits take him, I'll always clean his fur. I know no matter how many times I have to clean his fur, he's my dog and I love him.

While I'm grooming him, I talk and he listens. I tell him it would be more pleasant for him and me if he didn't run through the tall grass. He wouldn't get his hair pulled out with a small tooth comb and I wouldn't have to be disappointed to see him in this shape. Some days he sees the rabbit and doesn't chase it.

Do you ever get a whiff of a rabbit and chase it? Of course we do! The Bible says in James 1:14 But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed. We don't plan sin. We allow sin to happen. Can we avoid it? Absolutely! We can resist temptation but what happens if we don't?

When we come home, Jesus clean us up. We make up and the love flows freely. No matter how far lust takes us, Jesus will always forgive us. No matter how many times he has to forgive our sin, we're his child and he loves us. He always warns us not to chase rabbits, sometimes we listen and sometimes we don't.

Let's make it easier on Him and us... STAY OUT OF THE TALL GRASS!

What do you chase? Leave me a comment with one of your hardest lusts to avoid.

Combing and correcting,
The Happy Handicap


  1. food that is unhealthy for me especially being a diabetic...either bad carbs or anything with the pic of you dog.....our little one chewy has an unexpected event and broke his leg.....unfortunately my wallet is not deep enough for we are settling for a splint with and confinement for six weeks praying for some heeling

    1. sorry to hear about chewy but it's probably just as well. please be careful with those splints. hermie broke his foot. the vet put him in a splint, told us not to get it wet. we were VERY careful not to. took him back to the vet for redressing and everything. the splint ended up being worse than the break and almost rotted his foot off! if it smells funny, take it off. :)

      thanks for stopping by.

      The Happy Handicap

      p.s. spelling? pee-shaw