Monday, May 5, 2014

Mom-ism Monday #4

Mom-ism Monday #4 is a Dad-ism. My Dad enjoys the somewhat lost art of trading. He also likes to find items at a bargain, repair them and sell for a profit, especially tractors! He can salvage a tractor that looks like it's ready for the scrap metal pile better than anyone I know. He's always looking for a deal. I'm a lot like him. I love to try to find deals and turn a quick buck. He's much better at it than me. He's got way more experience. He's fine-tuned his art over the last 76 years!  

Last week, we visited an old home place close to where we live. We picked up some antique windows. One of my deals. As he gazed over the property, looking around like he was looking for something he lost, he turned to me and said "I could have bought this place." Knowing who the original owner was, I said "Mr. Lunsford offered to sell it to you?" "Yep" he said, with a tone that I understood. He wished he had bought it. Thinking about the missed opportunity again, he turned to me and said....

my dad, Clyde
"I could have bought it for a song and sung it myself" is a Dad-ism I had never heard. Have you? The philosophy in the phrase astounds me. How much easier could it get to buy something for a song you can sing yourself?  I have put the phrase to work in my vocabulary arsenal already!

Leave me a comment with how the phrase speaks to you and if you've ever heard it.

Wheelin' and dealin',
The Happy Handicap