Friday, May 16, 2014

I'll Always Remember My First

Wow! My last post was "What Happens When Dogs Lust"
 and now "I'll Always Remember My First"! 

You bet I will always remember my first! I'd always wanted to do it. I wondered if my Mom had ever done it. I figured she probably had. I talked to my friends to see if they had ever done it. Some surely had! Some hadn't. The ones that had described their experiences to me. Some had fun. Some were scared to death. I didn't really know how I would feel, it being my first time and all. I was pretty excited with a bit of apprehension mixed in. I wondered what people would think about me but I really didn't care. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! Right?

A friend asked me to do it. I agreed even though my first time was with not one but two women.
I bet you wouldn't guess in a million years what I did....

nope, that's not it! 

Nawh, not that either...
Give up?

Aerica (that's America without the "m"), Cassie and I took an ambulance ride! It wasn't as exciting as I imagined my first time. No flashing lights, no sirens but Cassie did test blow the horn one time (just for me)! We took my friend Nina to Memorial Hospital for a doctor visit. This is our best shot at a selfie or maybe it's a threeie!

We had a fun time. See the smiles. Of course, this was after we were safely back at home with Nina. They both did such a wonderful job of safely transporting us. I have to admit it felt a little like a trip with my Dad driving. The ambulance was a klunker and would barely pick up any speed. I'm sure if we had an emergency their company had one that would go faster, faster. I learned something. I can honestly say I've never seen the name Erica spelled Aerica. I also learned the meaning of the acronym BLS or Basic Life Support! You just never know what kind of knowledge awaits you in a ambulance.

I hope your back feels better soon Cassie (left) and I hope to get invited to your ladies group meeting at your church Aerica (right). Thanks ladies! I'll always remember my first.

Blessed with new friends,
The Happy Handicap


  1. How cute! I also remember my first ambulance ride...rushing Lil Mister to the hospital. It was also less...ump than I expected! I'm glad your friend was okay though!

    1. I bet you were scared having to take your child in an ambulance! My first ride was scheduled and a bit humdrum which I'm totally okay with. :)