Thursday, January 2, 2014

Do I mind being called handicapped?

Do I mind being called handicapped? Do you mind being called ugly? Actually, I prefer my given name of Tammy. See how pretty it is...

Handicapped just sounds awful, doesn't it? Not really. I don't mind it. That's why I call myself "The Happy Handicap". I beat you to the punch! Wanna know what word I really hate? CRIPPLED! I would rather be called a witch with a b over crippled. The fact is yes, I am handicapped and may even be the epitome of the word crippled but please don't remind me, OK? 

Of course...I can remind myself...because I live with the fact and these feet! My impairment may never be forgotten now, silly me wrote a book about it. My story is a fun tale, not at first but it gets better near the middle and very exciting at the end. Isn't that the way every good book reads? My complete story hasn't been written I'm still typing it as you are reading but I've got my first 44 years in print.  Don't worry the book is not that long! It's an easy read with a gripping story or at least that's what I've been told.

For the New Year, it's available here for just $3.14 Kindle version and $9.14 paperback including shipping! There are some fabulous reviews on my "Shop" page and Amazon! You can watch a pretty sweet video about the book here. Help me out and buy yourself a copy and please don't share it with your friends! Well share the fact they should buy the book and read it but don't share your copy of the book with them. They'll be happier with their own copy!

And, if you find me interesting after you read my story, I do speaking engagements for basically whoever will listen! My contact info is here.

Waiting to hear from you,
The Happy Handicap

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