Wednesday, January 15, 2014

3 Things I Know will be in Heaven

Are you a detective? Do you search for clues to see what heaven will be like? I'm curious what heaven is like and I bet you are too. I certainly don't wonder how hot hell is or if the devil has a pitchfork tail. The 3 things I know will be in heaven are:

1. The Holy Trinity - God, Jesus, Holy Spirit 
2. Saved Souls - me and you
3. Relationships - people we know

What is a soul? I believe it is who we are. When a person passes, the physical body imprint remains but the intellectual personal imprint is gone. A personal imprint lives on in the hearts and minds of people. You can have great influence even after you're gone because people "knew" you.

It's all relative my dear Watson.  Matthew 4:19 paraphrased "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men."  Ever gone fishing? You have to know how to fish before you are successful. You must know about the fish you're trying to catch. Bass and Catfish don't like the same bait. The right rod is important.  The time of day, the time of year, even the way the sun hits the water is crucial for good fishing. And certainly the fight of fish are varied. Catching fish is relative to the fish.

People are like fish. You have to know something about them. You have to build a relationship with an individual before you can introduce them to Jesus. For example, you try to convince a girl to date your brother. The girl needs to know and trust you before she goes out with your brother.  I can hear here now "I don't know you or your brother."  Trying to push her to a relationship leaves a bad taste in her mouth.  If you're acquainted and she likes you, she'll possibly want to know your brother.  Sharing Jesus is all about the relationship; people's likes/dislikes, circumstances, seasons of life, the fight in them and much more to lead them to him. I don't want Jesus to look in my basket and not find any fish. Do you? Don't be clueless. Relationships we've built for a lifetime will be in heaven.  Our relationship with Christ and others won't be forgotten, they will be fulfilled.

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