Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DIY - Vintage Crib Makeover

My sentimental side came out just lately...wwaaayyy out! The vintage love started oozing about 11 months ago when my daughter showed me a blue plus sign on a dip stick. Fast forward to November 20, 2013 and my first grandchild skyrocketed my sentiments to explosive levels. Have you ever visited Disney World and watched the fireworks over Cinderella's castle, felt for yourself and saw the wonder in children's eyes? YAY? Well...You don't even know!Having a grandbaby is better than fireworks at Disney! Try to imagineer that.

My first DIY mushy project was a vintage crib makeover that both my daughters slept in as youngsters. The bed was stored in the barn for 20 years. I wish I had wrapped it in plastic but no, I didn't. Cleaning the dust from the spindles took the absolute most time of the entire project. Here's a picture journey of bringing a vintage crib circa 1988 back to life.
rescuing from the barn

cleaned and ready to paint with my fav, Krylon
putting it back together
amazed we had all the parts and they work
bought a new crib set from ebay $15
finished project about $50 including paint & bed set
Lisette, 2 weeks old enjoying Grandmom's treasure
Leave me a comment and tell me about your sentimental projects. Do you think the crib look outdated?

Simply gushing,
The Happy Handicap

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