Saturday, January 17, 2015

5 Ways to Make your Man Happy for FREE!

happy for free

Happy Birthday to my Husband! 

He's 58 today. How do you make a man happy that has everything he wants? His past wishlist included:

  • a shop filled with every tool imaginable
  • the brand new Harley Davidson that seems to purr to him with a hypnotizing love noise
  • the restoration of his baby (a 1979 CJ5 Jeep he bought new). He tells everyone that he will get rid of me before that Jeep
  • the restoration of a 2000 Ultra Classic Harley Davidson. He had that motorcycle in so many pieces (down to the frame). I'm impressed he got it back together and sold it for a profit.
  • and then there's the GLOCK!
At this time in our lives, big stuff becomes less important and the small stuff becomes much more important. Here's my list of 5 ways to make your man happy for FREE! 
  1. Cook him a meal. Yes, the way to a man's happy place is through his stomach. Take-out is easier but it won't guarantee you the compliment that's sure to come whether he likes the food or not! Take-out doesn't say "I love you enough to take my time and use my hands to make something just for you." Click to Tweet: While woman may overlook small sentiments, men don't.
  2. Listen to his suggestions. I know you tune him out and hardly listen more than you'd care to admit. I'm guilty myself. I've learned over the years though my husband is very smart and ingenious if I will pay attention and simply listen to him.
  3. Change his sheets. Is there anything better than lying down on a clean set of sheets? Nope, didn't think so and neither does he! 5 minutes to a crisp, clean, relaxing haven. Clean sheets have their own special message whispering "Come here!"
  4. Agree with him. What a novel idea. Just in case you forgot what "agree" means, it is the direct opposite of argue. When I notice I'm disagreeing  or arguing, I check to make sure I'm wearing my hormone patch.
  5. Thank him. No matter how small the deed, compliment or thought, thank him for doing, noticing and acting on it.
Simple is good. Try these and see how it works for your man. You may make him happier than he's ever been for FREE!

Love my Steve,
The Happy Handicap

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