Monday, January 12, 2015

5 Things I Never Thought About Facing

Pride Mobility
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We do life daily. Somewhat unsuspecting. The “American Pie Life” consists of a family of four and usually a dog. Two parents working toward a common goal hoping to grow old together. We are taught to think about things like home mortgages, family planning, budgeting for vacations, paying for Junior’s college tuition and retirement. What happens when retirement starts early due to health issues? I hope you find Five Things I Never Thought About Facing a beneficial use of your time. You may be facing some of the same tough questions.

  1. What if I become disabled? My husband and I both are disabled.  I am disabled due to ambulatory challenges. My husband has pulmonary fibrosis requiring oxygen. Needless to say, disability was not in our long-range plan. I’m guessing it’s not in yours either.
  2.  How can I maintain independence while disabled? An adult electric scooter provided by Pride Mobility Products is a convenient way to stay mobile. These versatile scooters are designed for indoor and outdoor maneuverability.
  3. What will I be able to do while disabled? Maintaining a consistent quality of life becomes a repeated question when faced with disability like our family. We are considering things like power lift chairs and portable wheelchair ramps. When simple every-day tasks become difficult, you will find many assistive devices available at Pride Mobility.
  4. How will I handle disability emotionally? A big advantage of getting fitted with mobility devices from Pride Mobility is ongoing support. The Pride Owner’s Club offers free membership to help you stay connected with other mobility users, share pictures and videos and keep up with current news. Staying connected with others is key to staying off the emotional roller coaster.
  5. Will my own pride allow me to use mobility devices? My husband finds it difficult to deal with people staring at his oxygen cannula. I think a mobility scooter is kind of cool. I agree, my pride almost won at Disney World deciding whether or not to use a scooter. My feet were so happy I put my pride aside.

It’s never an easy task to ask yourself the tough questions. I’m sharing these questions about Five Things I Never Thought About Facing so you can be somewhat prepared and less uncomfortable if they are staring you in the face tomorrow.

Feeling confident with Pride Mobility,
The Happy Handicap

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