Monday, March 31, 2014

Mom-ism Monday

That's my beautiful Mom! We celebrated her 74th birthday on Saturday. She says some funny stuff oozing from her years of experience and wisdom. I think they should be written down starting today. Know what I mean?

Usually her sayings have a funny or amusing story behind them like this one for Momism Monday #1.

Mom's not been feeling like a 16-year-old lately and she don't like it! The doc wanted to do some blood work. She didn't want to, of course, but agreed to some lab tests with our pleading. I happened to be at her house last Friday when the nurse called to give her the results. I listened in on the conversation to hear the nurse say all her blood work was normal, her chest x-ray was normal and her EKG was normal. My mom replied as serious as could be...


We all cracked up laughing! Good one Mom! I'll remember that one for a long time to come. Does your mom have some notable quotables? Leave a comment and share one of your favorites.

Happy 74th Mom,
The Happy Handicap

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