Friday, March 14, 2014

25 Fun Ways to Celebrate Pi Day


  1. Host a Pi math-themed party
  2. Host a PI(e) swap
  3. Catch up with friends you haven't talked to in 314 days or 3.14 days
  4. Eat 3.14 pieces of pie
  5. Watch the movie "Life of Pi"
  6. Practice PI-romania by building a fire
  7. Create an obstacle course using PI-lons
  8. Talk like a PI-rate. Arrrgh maties
  9. Challenge your kids with some long division without calculators
  10. Take a trip down the PI-ke
  11. Jump in a PI-le of something
  12. Walk through a PI-ne tree forest
  13. Burn a PI-ne scented candle
  14. Send 3.14 emails (leave one as a draft to get the .14)
  15. Text "Happy Pi Day" to 314 people
  16. Tweet about Pi Day to 314 people
  17. Memorize this phrase and you'll memorize the value of Pi by counting each word's letter in "May I have a large container of coffee?" or 3.1415926
  18. Calculate your birthday in Pi here
  19. Create an Albert Einstein inspired hairdo (3/14 is his birthday)
  20. Wear a toga in honor of the Greek letter
  21. Thank your Congressman for making 3/14 an official day to celebrate
  22. Smoke an imaginary Peace PI-pe
  23. Repeat number 9 using multiplication instead of division
  24. Bake a PI(e)

And my personal favorite....


Happy Pi Day,
The Happy Handicap

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