Saturday, December 15, 2012

I said I'd Never Do It!

I've found it's true what they say "You change as you get older"! Until a couple of years ago, I had never had a dog live in my house.  Our family had a couple of outside dogs which we loved.  But I had always said "No dogs in the house!"  Steve coaxed a dog my Mom had been given into our home one day.  Immediately, he became our dog.  You've heard me talk about Hermy before, our stolen long-haired Dachshund.  It didn't take me long to fall in love with this adorable pet that lets me hold him whenever I want, sleeps right next to me and takes almost every step I do.

Last Christmas
I added Hermy to my Christmas list.  This is another thing I said I would never do, buy a Christmas present for a dog.  I don't have any grandkids (hint, hint) so Hermy is the next best thing.  I saw some doggie cookies at Walmart.  I figured since he loves sugar he would love doggie cookies.  I am always slipping him some chocolate and Steve is always telling me "Don't give a dog chocolate".  He loves chocolate or anything sugary, after all, he is MY dog!  I just knew Steve would be proud of me for buying him cookies made especially for canines.

Hermy didn't like the cookies!  He wouldn't even take one in his mouth and taste if he liked them.  The smell was enough to repulse him, make him turn his head and walk away.  I put the cookies in the bottom of our pantry and figured I would give them to my Dad's coon hounds.  I was sure they would eat them.

Several days later I walked into the house and Steve asked me "Where did you get those Oreos?  They're really good".  I said "The grocery store" until I remembered I hadn't bought any oreos.  I went to the cabinet and said "Steve, were the cookies you ate caramel colored?"  He said excitedly with his ears pointed, his head bobbing around and his tail wagging, "YEAH! THEY WERE GREAT!"  I didn't know whether to let him keep thinking he had eaten a new flavor of Oreo or just be plain with him.  I patted him on the head and decided to be plain. "Steve" I said, "You ate Hermy's doggie cookies we got him for Christmas"!  He laughed and said "Well, they sure were good.  Hey, after Christmas when they put those things on clearance at Walmart, can you pick me up another box!"

I didn't get him another box and I'm not going to start worrying about Steve unless he starts snatching snacks away from Hermy or if I come in one day and he looks at me like this...
Eating my words,
The Happy Handicap

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