Saturday, November 24, 2012

Your Dog's Wearing What?

Our family did Thanksgiving today.  How did your family celebrate? We haven't missed a 4th Thursday gathering in the last 28 years so this was new for us!  It was necessary to reschedule due to different work schedules.  I gladly made the unusual arrangements though because I'm just glad some body's working! lol

My Mom cooked a big spread.  I made desserts.  The food was delicious and as usual my Dad wouldn't

taste of my dessert.  He thinks I can't cook like my Mom.  I made Mini Salted Caramel Cheesecakes and Pumpkin Pie.  My kids and my husband say I can't cook like my Mom either.....I cook better!  I just love them!

We began our meal with me saying the blessing.  I had already decided that since Sloane invited Ben, her new boyfriend we wouldn't set around the table saying "You say it". "NO!, you say it" "I don't want to" "You say it". I didn't tell a soul my plan but it was like my Dad knew.  When everyone was seated he confidently
said "Tammy, you say the blessing".  I was chomping-at-the-bits ready although I don't pray out loud.  I knew I would be nervous so I had practiced a few lines of prayer in my head.  I started on cue and just when I was coming to the sweet part about family, friends and relationships, a phone started ringing.  Of course it was Trey's, the son-in-law!  The phone was screaming something "Rock n roll being wicked and I got bills to pay"!  You may know that song but I didn't recognize it.  I stumbled along and finished the prayer while everyone else laughed.  Then...the new boyfriend says "That's why you don't bring your cell phone to the table or to church"!  The boy got manners.  

Later, Sydnee told Trey he was a keeper.  She said "Aw babe, they couldn't pay me to stay away from you".  I said "I can attest to that. She wouldn't take the money"!  lol  Just kidding!  Too easy a joke to crack and there is always an abundance of son-in-law material at our house. My Mom even cracks jokes about Steve.  We all agreed Steve was in a bad mood today and my Mom said "He's been in a bad mood for the past 27 years.  Is that how long you've been married Tammy?"  There's just always a good son-in-law joke lying around!

Happy Birthday Ben (11/25) and Trey (11/26)!  We sang Happy Birthday and lit a couple of candles for the guys.  We gave Trey some AS10 (what the astronauts drink) and Sloane got Ben a picture for his new room at school.  He's moving into a house and the room is pink.  My Mom, sweet soul she is, thought he needed stuff to match his new pink room. After dinner she was showing him all kinds of pictures she'd taken off her walls to match pink!  He was a nice gentleman and looked at the pictures but assured her he was painting his room first thing.

I love my family!  They are so fun to be around.  We had all three dogs today too; Hermy, Peachie and Little Girl.  Sydnee forgot to tell Little Girl it was a casual dinner and she came dressed like this...
I hope your Thanksgiving celebrations are as special as ours!  

Scarfing it down,
The Happy Handicap
p.s.  Leave me a comment about something funny at your Thanksgiving dinner! 

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