Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Mysteries of Me, Two Thousand One Three

I know me better than anyone else on God's green earth! I wonder about some of the things I keep doing over and over.  Do you wonder about some things you do also?  As we approach "two thousand one three",

I'm gonna try to unravel some of the mysteries about myself....for myself.

After all, we can always improve.  Although, Steve keeps telling me I'm perfect! So, I don't see any need to improve anything for him since "perfection" requires no correction. But.....this is how I feel.
I plan to work on the "parts" that drive me crazy about myself.  Want to join me and make your own list?  Here's my top 3:
  • I can't enjoy Christmas with a dirty house.  I have enjoyed being hostess for my in-laws for the past several years. I clean my house until I am in pain and have to recuperate for two days.  Why is this? Because I don't think they even notice! Do you think if I didn't clean the house they wouldn't ever come back? Exactly!  They don't love me for a clean house, they love me for the food! Next year I'm concentrating on the food, ditching the cleaning and making them and me merry!
  • I can't quit midnight. Steve has completely done a 180 on his diet and I can't quit eating sugar, drinking diet soda or maintain a regular eating schedule. The Ding Dong dilemma might have been sad for some folks but Hostess did me a favor by not baking any more Twinkies! Next year I'm practicing some reverse psychology on me. "Sugar is good for this body, therefore I will not eat it"!
  • I can't get up in the morning. I AM NOT AN EARLY RISER! Yes, this drives me crazy. I really want to get up and start my day with a bang but it never works out that way. My day usually starts out with a stretch, a yawn and a little pep talk of "Go ahead and sleep 30 more minutes and you'll be able to conquer the world". I can stay up all night but can't wake early. Next year I will focus on increasing my zeal for the sunrise, awake hours and worms!
My list could go on and I thought about listing 2010 more but I decided against it for a couple of reasons:
  1. I thought you might get tired of reading, and
  2. Honestly, I don't think I annoy myself that much! 
If and when I start that list, I'll ask my family and friends to help me compile it.

Desperately seeking self-improvement,
The Happy Handicap

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