Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ahhh! A Night and Day in Savannah

our trip to savannah to check my air conditioning started at 4:00 pm when steve got home from work on a tuesday afternoon.  we went by college and picked up sloane because the trip held more than just a check of my a/c but i've signed a contract and obligated myself not to tell.  after we picked up sloane, the adventure began straight through downtown atlanta.  i was driving so fast until i hit that downtown traffic stop that my a/c was working perfectly.  remember, it works when i'm going fast but not when i'm going slow.  steve kept telling me to watch this car and watch that car until i had to crank the a/c on frigid because i was so nervous and perspiring.  sloane said "don't worry dad, she won't hit them, they are not parked".  sloane is so smart because she is right.  my car has this uncanny tendency to gravitate toward parked cars and smash right into them.

we rode right on down south and at some unknown point decided to stop and eat at cracker barrel.  we all like to eat at cracker barrel because they always have a chair waiting for you on their porch and a BIG checkerboard with BIG checkers.  i reckon they like handicap people because they save me a parking spot right at the door and then greet me sometimes by opening the door.  what makes cracker barrel special to me is they don't discriminate against short people with handicaps!  have you ever noticed they keep them adult-size rockers and the handicap-size rockers both on the porch right next to one another?

once inside, i was headed to the hostess station to put down our name.  there was a woman standing in front of me pickin at the candy display, pickin up every kind of candy on the shelf, examining it and puttin it back down.  the hostess looked up, caught my attention and i said, 3 please!  steve, being his usual kind self, proceeded to tell me that sloane and i had jumped right in front of that woman fiddlin with the candy and he openly told the woman to excuse us that we were rude.  i started to tell him and her that she didn't need to be fiddlin with the candy that if she would go on and get a table they would feed her real food but i didn't want to be rude twice.  the hostess seated the woman and then came back and asked me how many?  i simply replied "two rude and one nice"!

when we got seated, sloane noticed something white on her dad's shirt.  she said "dad, what's that on your shirt?" he looked at it and hurriedly brushed it off.  she said "what is it, dandruff?" and he said "NO! it's pieces of skin falling out of my nose".  we started laughing so hard because he was so embarrassed.  he said "shhhhh, don't tell everyone they will be staring at my nose".  we didn't care much and kept right on laughing because we were thinking it served him right for saying we were rude when we really weren't.  steve has a terrible case of eczema and it causes skin to fall off of him in several places.  sometimes i think i'm married to a reptile because of the skin he leaves laying around, long and round pieces that i'm not sure where they came from.

i saw the cutest plate in cracker barrel that said gobble till you wobble and i thought since i already wobble without the gobble that i would adapt this as my new fall saying.....gobble when you wobble!  i think i will add a real turkey gobble to it when i say it (at least as close to a turkey as i can sound).  i think it will be a funny addition to our fall activities!  with this cool weather coming on, the decision on my air conditioning is that i think it can wait until next summer to repair.  i'm startin to like riding with my windows down.  it accomplishes several things at one time, 1) gives me a new hairdo, 2) cools me down a bit and 3) the humidity hydrates my skin!  i've included a pic below.  steve says this is what i look like after we take a trip!

feeling fallish,
tammy, the happy handicap

Brad called!  He wants his sexy back!

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