Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Throwing my Hands Up!

Have you ever watched that movie "The Emperor's New Groove"?  I feel like Yzma when her and Kronk were riding the roller coaster to the lab and he said "Yzma, put your hands in the air"!  My hands are in the air, throwin them up, and saying go figure.  But, don't go figure because it will never add up, not in real life or in your head.  Below are some things I find strange today:

1.  Why are you told to eat fiber when you get older?  The fiber may move your insides but it can't move your outsides any faster!  Hands up, figuring on how to get to the bathroom more quickly!

2.  Why does Steve invite me to pick worms off the tomatoes and then gather them when every time I make homemade salsa for him, he carries the PACE to the table?  Hands up, figuring maybe he just overlooked the big bowl of bright, beautiful, red stuff with the tortilla chips sitting right next to it!

3.  Why do people still use the word crippled when being politically correct is so popular?  Two hands way up and figuring it's so 2008 and they're so 2000 and late!

4.  Why do people think I don't notice them staring at my feet?  Wishing I could fly away with two hands and arms in the air and figuring I am just too interesting not to stare at!

5.  Why do people get bad attitudes as they get older?  Hoping to get on a roller coaster and get my hands high in the air and figuring I'll just go to Disney World and ride in a hoveround!

I love Disney World and I think everyone should see it snow on Main Street USA at least once in their lifetime! 

Dreaming of Fantasyland,
Tammy, the Happy Handicap

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