Saturday, August 20, 2011

what a weekend!

last sunday, steve and i had the opportunity to entertain three guys from l.a., that's los angeles, california not lower alabamie!  they were here doing a music video for our future son-in-law, trey's band and trey asked me to cook breakfast for them.  now since these californians didn't know me and know that i am a happy handicap, i thought i might present myself in something that would make them think i'm just "normal" little me.  i told sydnee and sloane that i was gonna wear my long dress instead of my normal pair of shorts so they couldn't see my fine legs and maybe, just maybe they wouldn't notice i limp!  (i included a pic of me in my dress below)

well, the breakfast went great.  i made biscuits (from the freezer) but they thought they were homemade and since they didn't ask me directly, i didn't tell them no different.  i had never made that much gravy to feed 11 people so my girls and me said a prayer over it while i was puttin it together.  it was the best gravy i have ever made, no joke!   i had cream cheese danish with some fruit that sydnee fixed in a pretty plate all fancy-like and scrambled eggs.  one of the guys from l.a. said that everything is fresher in georgia.  he said the milk tastes fresher and he told me my eggs were the best he had ever eaten, no fibbing.  he asked me how i got them so fresh and i told him it was because i had just gone outside that morning and lifted the chicken off of them, brought them in and put them in the pan while they were still warm from the hen's feathers.  his eyes got really big and wide and wanted to go see the chickens.  at that point, i had to come clean and tell him, nah, i got them from the grocery store like everybody else and i couldn't figure why my eggs were any better than anyone else's!  i started to tell them my theory of my being short helps me cook better because i am so close to the stove and the pans, it's like having a birds eye view and I don't over stir!

the conversation at breakfast went smoothly and just about the time the guys were about to leave, steve turns to them and says "Guys, y'all don't know anyone in l.a. that works with silicone, do you?" and i thought, oh no!  yep, he continued right on to say, well, tammy's handicapped and she wears custom silicone prosthetics and i was wondering if you knew anybody in the movie business that works with silicone that might tell us how to make her some feet!  they didn't know anybody and i just acted like i didn't even notice he said anything.  i decided right then and there that if i was ever gonna try and mask my handicap again, i would definitely let steve in on the plot!  i love him because i know he always has my best interest at heart and was trying to help me get my feet cheaper where he could buy me more pairs of them. the la guys didn't blink an eye so i'm pretty sure they had already noticed i limp.

after our guests left, steve invited me out to our small garden to help him look for worms and pick them off the tomato plants.  i don't particularly like to do this exercise but steve loves it and he says it gives us some together time and increases our tomato harvest.  i think it just makes me hot and my feet hurt and he's much more interested in the worms than he is being with me.  i don't know about yours but our tomato plants have about quit bearing and i told steve just let the worms eat the plants and the tomatoes too if they want them!

next week i'll tell you about our trip to savannah to test out my air conditioning.  you won't want to miss that post!  talk to you then...

bye now,
Tammy, the happy handicap

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