Monday, January 15, 2018

Organize your Pantry for under $10

Y'all! My pantry is like my pantie drawer and my refrigerator! There's just a few things I keep secret. Strictly off-limits to anyone other than my IMMEDIATE family. If you've ever wondered why my pantry has a door, it's to keep people out! Same goes for my fridge. If you're thirsty, tell ME! Please don't go opening up my refrigerator door to help yourself or you may get really embarrassed if I get embarrassed by you seeing my lack of cleanliness. Shew! Now you know the rules if you're ever at my house. But right now....I'll proudly take you to my pantry so you can have a look around!
Unorganized pantry
Can you relate? Does this look like your pantry? This is my actual pantry. Before. Before you organize our pantry for under $10!

BEFORE I organized my canned goods, snacks, sauces & seasonings, plastic wraps & baggies and everything else that gets thrown into the pantry. Things kept going missing in my pantry. I went to the grocery store, packed my pantry and when I needed something I couldn't find it. One of my problems was disorganization. Another problem is flat-edged shelving. My trash can resides in my pantry. Stuff, being multiple things at once, kept getting knocked off the shelves into the trash!

Others must suffer the same problems; stuff falling or getting knocked onto the floor because most pantry shelves are just like mine.  LIP-LESS!
lipless shelves
My goal during the Christmas Holidays 2017 was to organize my pantry to save money:
  • save money from throwing away so many expired groceries
  • save money from dropping so many groceries in the trash without realizing it
  • save money from being able to see the stuff in my pantry and use it
  • save money by minimizing my grocery list after taking a quick scan of my pantry, and
  • be proud and unashamed of my pantry
A quick trip to the Dollar Tree yielded exactly what I needed. Plastic containers for $1 each. I bought seven of them thinking I may need more but I didn't. I didn't put everything in my pantry in a container, just the stuff that needed some shelf-sitting assistance. This is my pantry now...
The is the "after 3-weeks" picture. Booyah! Still looking great!
before and after pantry
Not the Chesterfield Inn. Actually my house. I got tired editing photos! lol

organized plastics

An added side note....Notice this handy dandy wrap organizer I bought in 2013. Psssst, I'm still using it! That's a good thing. Click the link below to get yours on Amazon for only $12.87 and free shipping with Prime. Thanks! I receive a small commission if you buy from my link.

Leave me a comment or better yet a picture and let me see your pantry, unless of course, it's sacred or you're scared!

Less frazzled and more flattered about my pantry,


  1. Tammy, your cabinets look great. Kara has got all my kitchen cabinets organized. She is great. So proud to have her a my DIL

    1. Thanks Angie although you should see the rest of them! They need a makeover too. :)