Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Power of Touch

the creation
Last Wednesday morning I marveled at the power of touch as I held my granddaughter tightly to comfortably rock her to sleep. At almost 18 months, she knows the difference between my touch and her mom, both are comforting, but mom is far superior in her opinion. My long-haired Dachshund Hermy knows touch is important too. He roots and pushes to get as close to me as he can on the couch or my bed.  Your pet may do the same thing. Currently, skin-to-skin contact is revered as one of the most vital "touches" a baby can experience when entering the world establishing bonds, instincts and acceptance. I've read stories of people who believe human touch has brought people "back from the dead" after accidents or injury.

Around 1511, Michelangelo painted The Creation of Adam (excerpt pictured) on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel depicting Adam reaching out to touch God. Touch is so important the Bible recounts a story in Luke Chapter 8. A woman, sick for years, believed if she touched Jesus she would be cured. Her faith was so strong she believed she needed to just touch the hem of his clothing. I can imagine this was not a simple task with the crowds around Jesus. She desired help, was determined and received what she believed! Luke 8:45-46 says "And Jesus said, WHO TOUCHED ME? When all denied, Peter and they that were with him said, Master, the multitude throng thee and press thee, and sayest thou, Who touched me? And Jesus said, Somebody hath touched me: for I perceive that virtue is gone out of me."  Who touched me? That gives me goosebumps in an amazing way!

Touch is a powerful action and response especially when filled with love and belief. Are you a touchy, feely individual? If not, you should be! Touch someone today in a good way; share a hug, give someone a genuine pat on the back, extend your arm for a welcoming handshake or sit close enough to touch. If you're receiving a touch, be aware. Don't dismiss someone's touch without regard. I'm guilty of this, are you?

Words from a poem by aviator John Gillespie Magee, Jr. used by television stations as a sign off (I'm dating myself) warms my heart as I recite them in my mind. The last two lines of High Flight  are filled with belief and wonder. 
...Put out my hand, and touched the face of God.

Have you ever put out your hand to touch God? Have you ever put out your heart to touch God? More importantly, did he feel it? Has God felt your touch and asked "Who touched me?" and you humbly whisper "It's me, Lord." How insanely powerful to know we can touch the Creator God of the universe!

Touching Him Matters,
The Happy Handicap

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