Thursday, May 14, 2015

Evil Front and Center

My church is having a silent auction to raise money for a mission trip to Mexico. We need donations to get donations! I've been trying my patience with embroidery so the first thing I think is "I'll donate an embroidered shirt!" Sounds easy enough with over a dozen projects under my wings. Right? Well, the donations are due tomorrow.

The first shirt I attempted is now an every day shirt for me. The font for the scripture I put on it messed up regally. The thread color was all wrong too as you could hardly see it on the applique fabric I used. I almost threw it in the trash like I have several other shirts.  I'm donating the one in the pic whether it gets a bid or not. If you look closely, the word "First" looks terrible, incorrectly spaced and the "r" is almost double embroidered! I accidentally snipped a hole in the shirt but thankfully the thread covered it. There are several other things I could point out but I'll just let this be a picture search for you. If you see something wrong, let me know.

Romans 7:21 I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me. Evil was in my sewing machine today! Kidding. I don't think Paul was talking about evil the way this verse is used sometimes. I think Paul explains the human sin nature here. We, most days, set out to do good and somewhere along the way the human in us fails and bad happens. Evil is always present in our body because we have sinful tendencies. I see this so much in my granddaughter. At 18 months, no one taught her to be bad but some days she is. We are all born of sin.

Paul writes on to call himself a wretched man saying with his mind he serves the law of God and with his flesh he serves the law of sin. He also answers the question "Who can deliver us?" Jesus Christ! Will we ever quit sinning? When this evil flesh quits being front and center in our beings. Unfortunately, not in this life.

I provided the example of this shirt to illustrate how evil is present while I was trying to do good:
1. My evil temper flared while working on this
2. The evil twins of frustration and defeat tried to prevail
3. Evil doubts kept trying to rob me of the project
4. Evil reasoning pleaded with me not to donate it
5. My evil pride swelled with perfection paranoia

Persevere to allow Jesus to deliver you to do good. Also, if you're planning a silent auction for your church don't request items be turned in on the 13th...13 is evil!

Hoping for bid,
The Happy Handicap

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