Friday, March 20, 2015

We Had Our Own Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

We anxiously expected a normal Monday. The rota virus ravaged our family last week. Please, Lord, we want a normal Monday! We had our own terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day! My beautiful daughter Sloane left for work around 8 am. When I say beautiful, I don't mean to brag..well maybe just a bit but I'll let you decide for yourself. This is a picture of her just two days before our very bad day.
I started my Monday with a much needed chiropractor appointment. I drop my granddaughter by my mom's house and head to the chiropractor about 30 minutes away. I've got my cell phone in AT&T drive mode. Please don't text and drive! I'm feeling good all over about finally getting an adjustment I'd missed for the last three weeks. I put my car in park, open the door to step out and my phone rings. Sloane with a panic in her voice I recognized "I'M IN PAIN!". What? I screeched. (My family says that's my normal response to everything.) "I've got to go to the hospital!" My motherly instinct and experience knew the source of her agony, renal calculi. KIDNEY STONE!. I ran into the chiropractic office, dismissed myself and drove to pick her up to take her to the hospital.                                                                                 

Ignoring her mother's very sound advice before I reached her, she started toward me.! She stopped on the side of the road to hurl due to the pain about 10 minutes from home. A nice man, I wished I'd gotten his name, stopped to stay with her until I got there offering to take her to the hospital. No, no, no. Stay where you are. Kidney stones are painful but not deadly. I picked her up and the guy told me that he had a kidney stone once and he went over to MedNow and they gave him a shot and he ain't had one since and it's been years ago. Well, nice angel man, I only wish it were that simple. And by the way, Thanks! if we didn't say it in the midst of our terrible, horrible, no good, very day.

I sped Sloane to our family doctor whom I had called to make sure had narcotic shots in his office before we stopped there. If you've ever had a kidney stone you know half-seconds seem like half-years! The nice staff took her back immediately. The doctor came in to check her within 10 minutes while Sloane rocked back and forth on her feet bent over the exam table saying "Why can't they hurry?" Hands down, it was the fastest doctor visit I've ever experienced in 51 years! Ten minutes gave her time to fill their trashcan with half-digested orange Cheetos juice from an unhealthy breakfast earlier in the day.They gave her 3 shots, two for pain and one for nausea. I couldn't help but document this experience. This is Sloane after her meds kicked in!

I don't know why her eyes get buggy when she's takes pain meds but just look at them. I finally got her to sit down before she feel and broke a bone. She said "If I do break something I won't feel it!" Everything that came out of her mouth was hilarious. Sloane is a very reserved, non-comical individual which made her comments even funnier. 

She was feeling "right" starting to recall how her painful episode started. She kept saying "You just never know. You just NEVER know!" She asked me "Have your ears ever gotten so hot they were cold?" I said "No, I've never had that happen." She went on with slurred speech "Mine did! My ears got so hot when that terrible pain started that they got cold. Then...I started sweatin'. I knew it wuttin' good! My ears gettin' hot and then cold." The next line out of her mouth had me telling the nurse and the office staff what she said.

Almost in dreamland with her eyes closed, small grin and pulling on her ear, she said "My ears tell me everything I need to know." I wish she was as confident and carefree every day as she was after those sweet meds. 

The doctor got an emergency CT scan approved. I guided her to the car, put her feet in and headed toward the hospital x-ray facility. She praised God for creating medicine and helpful doctors all the way there!  The picture on the left is how she waited on the x-ray technician. Sloane would never ever lie down on a couch in a waiting room! 3mm distal kidney stone meaning it's small and low. She should pass it soon. As a mom, I'm so thankful for a doctor that will work you in as an emergency and help your child immediately! She rested comfortably tucked in at home for the next several hours. Oddly, my last kidney stone was on a Monday. Read my hilarious experience I titled Pande-"Monday"-ium of. Laughter here.

Sloane and I are Pampered Chef consultants. I knew Sloane had a show later on this day. Of course, I pitched in to help except I haven't mentioned that I lost my voice during Sloane's pain episode. I cannot handle stress of any kind. I started the day with my normal voice and ended the day unable to speak above a whisper! What else can happen on our terrible, horrible no good, very bad day? I selected our tools for the show, packed them and went to freshen up a bit. Sloane and I heard a loud crashing noise. "What was that?" she said. I walked back into the kitchen to find my beautiful new cranberry shallow baker I won by reaching a sales goal laying in the floor with a big chunk knocked out of it. Check out the pic! :( A shallow baker can be replaced. No harm, no foul except I cut my finger cleaning up the pieces. The show went well!
The Happy Handicap 

p.s. Please leave me a comment about a bad day you've had!


  1. Oh, Tammy, this was hilarious! Thanks for sharing your horrible day, but I do hope that the following days were a LOT better and that sweet little Sloane is back to normal! Love y'all!

    1. Brandi, it is funny now! Our week has turned out fairly well but Sloane still holds on to her stone. Hopefully she'll let go soon! Hope you all are doing well in Nashville. She's actually there this weekend for the M-Train concert. Love y'all!