Monday, March 23, 2015

5 Reasons Not to Depend on the Law

Has the law ever worked for you? Do you feel protected by it? I'm not talking about your local authorities but rather the written law of the land. Our family has little experience with law and less with lawyers. The lawyers I do know seem to be beaten by the very laws that should protect their clients, that is, if their clients are good, innocent and should win their cases without objection. Lawyers that fight to protect guilty criminals seem to have the law on their side. In my mind, innocent until proven guilty has gotten us into a bind. Let me explain.

A personal conversation with a lawyer this week made me end the exchange with "We won't be trusting Bill. We will continue to trust God!" Bill replied with "I'm a religious man. I can't compete with God." Then, he quoted a Bible verse. Should that make me feel better? I meant what I said and after I cooled off a tad, God showed me the following about man's law (our court system) as compared to His law (The Ten Commandments). 
  • Can we do good, follow the law and get by? Yes, in the land we live in. No, only Jesus can give eternal life.
  • Are we innocent until proven guilty? Yes, in the land we live in the burden of proof is on the law. No, we are guilty just being part of the human race. 
  • Will we receive free representation? Yes, a court-appointed lawyer is free of charge. Yes, Jesus will represent all who have accepted him.
  • Will we get a bad judge? Maybe, you may draw short straw and get a bad judge in a United States courtroom. No, God will judge everyone justly the same.
  • Will the law change? Yes, laws are written and changed daily in our land. No, the Bible will never change.
Matthew 5:17 says "Think not that I (Jesus) come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy but to fulfill." Does someone in your life repeat "You can't do wrong and get by" like my mom did to me? It rings in my ears. I'm here to tell you "You can't do right and get by either!" Please don't try to represent yourself with the "good" you've done by following the law. Please let Jesus do your talking.

Represented by Christ,
The Happy Handicap

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