Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Father's Day Gift that Got Away

Father's Day 2013

My Dad, Clyde Parker was born on June 8, 1937. He's earned the right to be a bit picky at the age of 76! But....he remains a simple man, preferring a 1950's Farmall 100 with a shabby paint job to the newer technology of a shiny green John Deere. He says "Tammy, they just don't build'em like they used to!"  I've watched him work months to rebuild a tractor. Not once did I doubt the tractor would
run again and neither did he! The gleam that shone from his eyes when he looked at his broken tractor is always ultimately the determination that sees every project he starts to it's successful end.
John Deere

When searching for a gift for my Dad, I don't have to reach for fancy things; a case of tobacco, bird seed for his feeders or a new wrench suits him just fine. He don't prefer steaks at Ruth's Chris or a $35 lobster. His favorite meal is none other than a Fish and More. I was so proud I thought of getting him a gift card to Long John Silvers until I went to my car this morning to get it. IT WASN'T THERE! I'm not sure if I have misplaced it or we have a thief in our midst. Anyway, I looked for the gift card all day and never found it! He said "Tammy, don't worry about it." I felt bad but I'm so blessed he's not a selfish Dad who thought I should have driven 40 minutes one-way to pick up another one today.

I'll be taking Dad to LJS in the near future so he can enjoy his waylaid gift. I can't wait! It's another one for the record books and I'm sure we'll be talking about the "Father's Day Gift that got away" for years to come.

Fishy fishy,
The Happy Handicap



  1. Replies
    1. As my Mom always says "It's just too fishy to smell good!" I hope someone didn't walk into my garage and steal the card but I know it was in my car. That's scary!

  2. It's always the big ones that gets away. I can't believe its the card. So much for fish dinner. lol

    1. Yes! lol I didn't think a card could get away though. Guess I'll have to think again!!!