Thursday, May 23, 2013

What happens when my Subconscious and Sleep align!

pillowcaseSweet Dreams! This phrase should be on my pillowcase and I should recite it convincingly at least 25 times before I close my eyes to sleep!


Because it's scary what happens when my subconscious and sleep align. I'll tell you my latest episode ...

Two nights ago, I was in bed trying to go to sleep. My sweet puppy Hermie was sleeping with me or I would have been alone. :(                I voluntarily quit sleeping in the bed with Steve some time ago. #1. Because I love him too much and #2. I would like to continue to be his wife. I created an ecard to sort of explain the situation. Take a peek...


Hahahah..anyway, I continue.  My sweet Hermie laid loyally by my side until he decided to get under the bed to scratch his itch on the carpet. I kept silently repeating to myself as I was falling into a deep slumber "Get him out from under the bed. What if the bed falls and traps him while you're alseep?" (I have the same fear about the house catching on fire if he's home alone and can't open a door or window to escape.) Ignoring my own inner wisdom, I fell asleep with the subconscious thought on my mind only to half awaken a few minutes later when I hit the floor (from an extremely tall bed!).

When my subconscious and sleep align I have nightmares or night terrors. I dreamed I was keeping two babies, forget them and they were suffocated under the bed. I KNOW! I'm psychotic! Before I woke up from the mare, I let out a blood curdling scream that my daughter's boyfriend said "Sounded like a panther!" I scared him half to death as they were watching TV downstairs. I woke to sounds of both of them yelling at me to make sure I was awake. I said "Yes!" rather absurdly never letting them know my heart pounded in my ears like a horse galloping through an open field.

I gathered my composure and returned to bed. My index finger and elbow were aching. I had no idea how I hurt them. All I knew was the pain was preventing my return to sleep. The next day I found two bruises on my right leg just below the knee, a bruise on my left shoulder, a bruise on my right elbow and forearm and two small cuts on my right arm. And that, my friends, is why I voluntarily sleep alone. Sleeping with me is hazardous to Steve's health and mine!

Cautiously slumbering,
The Happy Handicap

Do you suffer from nightmares or night terror? Can you tell me how to stop them? Please leave a comment to share your story or offer me help. I need it! lol


  1. I can't tell you anything except Haley sleeps with a bible under her pillow. She still wakes me screaming. Clinton fights, laughs, hollers and has jumped out of bed twice since we have been married. One time he had a bruise on his face for a couple of weeks. He has fell out of bed. I thought it might be because he was in a war.

    1. I've slept with a Bible before. I want to attribute my behavior with my handicap but my acupuncturist said it happens when women give birth, something about losing something...I don't know but I did start having them really bad after I had kids! I've done all sorts of wild stuff! lol

  2. Sorry, no help from me, but oh am I ever saddened to hear of your plight.

    1. Thanks! I think it's kinda funny like most things in life... Humor is the best medicine! Do you have a blog?