Thursday, May 2, 2013

A hypothetical Reason not to Fall asleep in Church


I've subbed quite a bit lately. Needing a filler for my class before school ended Monday, I thought it a novel idea to give a test over stuff we'd covered. The children were instantly worried when I promised them a grade. I assured them if they'd paid attention during the day the test would be a
piece of cake. The worried looks lingered on some faces. Their test scores proved they didn't listen to the lessons. They got the "Tammy" lecture which my girls say "You don't want!" Pondering the event, I imagined going to church and God giving me a pop quiz after the service. I wondered if I would pass. I wondered if anyone would pass. I considered a couple of questions that God might ask. As you read these, please answer them referring to the last service you attended.
  1. What book, chapter and verse was the sermon taken from?
  2. What was the invitational hymn?
  3. How was God addressed in the offering prayer?
  4. How many attended Sunday School last week? (Did you read the bulletin?)
  5. True or False. I worshiped the one Holy God during the service.
Did you know the answers as you read them? Did you have to think? How many did you get right? You might be able to look on a neighbors paper for the answers to four of them but God will certainly know the answer to number 5. We want others to listen to us. We wonder why they won't. Are we so different from others? God wants us to listen to him. He wonders why we don't. If we want the best from God's Word so we can maximize his lessons, don't fail the test!
Can you think of a question God might ask on a test? Leave it in a comment. I'd love to hear it so I can be prepared!
Suffering from test anxiety,
The Happy Handicap


  1. I think question 5 is the only one that matters. What a fun thing to ponder. I would claim old brain to get out of the answers to the first four questions. I can't remember anything these days. But I know there are days when my mind and heart are truly about worshipping and there are days when I'm just trying to get through the services as a chore. Hopefully I'm doing more of the former than the latter. I will keep this in mind tomorrow.

    Happy Sharefest. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

    1. Miss Robin I agree! Question 5 is the only one that matters! I think we all have both kinds of those days. I prefer the ones when I'm truly worshipping and my brain is not wondering over things that don't matter. Thanks for stopping by!Enjoy the service tomorrow :)