Saturday, April 20, 2013

Can You Hear Me Now?


Can you hear me now? This popular phrase is used mockingly, humorously, with frustration and sometimes anger in today's society! Verizon coined the phrase for a commercial to advertise the strength of their mobile network. I imagine God uses this phrase (in humor and in anger) speaking to us. Can't you just imagine
him repeating himself over and over, varying his tone as he speaks to us, ending each voice change with "Can you hear me now?"

How often do you listen for God to speak? How important is his voice to you? Most of us go to bed with a phone at our fimgertips. We won't miss an important call, text or media post. We have devices alerting us to every whim of society. Wouldn't it be amazing if we were that intent on receiving news from God? Impressively enough, if you have Jesus in your heart, you have an "always on" connection. He don't have to dial your number, type out a text or press the send button. If your heart is "ready to receive", you'll get his message.

We prioritize calls and who we answer. A call from a bank saying our house mortgage is approved, a status call from someone in the hospital having surgery, a call from a family member reporting they've arrived safely, a call from a new employment opportunity or a call from our children gets our attention! Priority: IMPORTANT! We answer our phones when the caller id displays important names and numbers we're anxiously waiting to see. We're also quilty of avoiding names and numbers we don't want to talk to right now! "I'll call them later" you say pushing the reject button. Does later ever come?

John 10:27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me... God hears us. God answers us. Unfortunately and maybe unknowingly, we prioritize him as unimportant or press the reject button. Either way, we avoid his call. Can you hear him now?


  1. Very good thought. I have this game I have been playing with the kids. When you Hear the word sweet. Write it down with who said it and how they used it. It is called the listening game. If only we would listen more and DO when god speaks to us, oh how rewarding it would be. Keep up the good work.

    1. How are the kids liking the game? It sounds fun! I'm not sure many people use the word sweet so much anymore. Thanks for reading and commenting on my posts. You encourage me! :)

  2. I like your game-- Sweet!
    Now I need to apply your challenge and listen to my Shepherd...

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Let me know how the challenge goes.... :)