Sunday, October 28, 2012

I am the next Deen Team Blogger because...

I have a heart full of love! I blog about family antics. I love my family and I love fun.  A close knit family can “laugh and look over” life.   The purpose of The Happy Handicap is to inspire families to simply love on each other. I am handicapped but I'm not crying in my cornflakes.  Everyone is struggling to overcome something. Sharing and connecting with others is the best release from the pressures of life.  If you can’t laugh with your family, please have fun with mine!  Here's an example of what you'll get with me on the Deen Team.

I learn from my husband.   Steve loves tools.  He’s been buying tools for 27 blissful years.  We built a special place for them.  We call it the ...

Tool White House.  He accessorized it with a concrete slab, about 20 ft. x 40 ft., for his “commercial-grade”air compressor.  I nicknamed it the "helipad".
"the Tool White House"
"the helipad"
 I told him if our Armed Forces ever need some special ops tools they can fly in and while they’re grabbing tools he can air up their tires.  Every time he buys a new tool I ask him why he needs another one.  He always says “You’ve got to have the right tools”.  Surely he has every tool for every job.  I didn’t understand until...

I found my cooking happy place!  I’d always dabbled at cooking but I really enjoy it now.  It's creativity in a pan without a plan!  It makes me act like a seal and clap my spatulas together!  Now it takes a few things to equip a good kitchen.  I found it necessary to get a commercial grade mandolin, mixer and food processor.  I’m always looking for something to chop with, mix with or bake with.  Steve can’t complain.  I learned it from him.  To do anything …..”You’ve got to have the right tools”! 

I am the next Deen Team Blogger because I understand dietary challenges.  My husband was recently diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF).  We discovered he is allergic to gluten and dairy.  His doctors also prescribed a sugar-free diet.  My cooking took a turn for the healthier real quick!  I am always trying to make his favorites with substituted ingredients.  Here are two of his modified favs!
gluten free dairy free jalapeno poppers
strawberry jam with agave nectar
 I’m not an expert at anything.  I simply try to hold it all together.   I try not to give advice unless I’m asked for it.  I can follow or lead or get out of the way.  I have a head full of fun stories taking life as it comes enjoying your family and having fun on the way.  Let’s do life together, figurin’ it out one clumsy day after another!  

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