Saturday, December 31, 2011

I've got a hitch in my get-along!

The oddest things make me happy.  It seems I'm not the only one limping these days.  I look at people my age and older and realize that my handicap is growing faint because my AGE is making the side effects of my handicap second nature for everyone around me.  Steve says all the time he can't get his hips started when he gets up and limps for about 10 steps before finally straightening out.  My Mom has a bad hip and it takes her, what seems like forever to get moving, but once she's up, she's still a race horse.  My Dad is so funny.  It takes him FOREVER to get out of a vehicle!  I can almost have my groceries in the cart before he makes it through the sliding doors.  I thought I would never see the day, but it has arrived.  This Happy Handicap has more dexterity than a lot of folks around me!  Sloane had gallbladder surgery over the holiday break and she even had to ask me to slow down in Ingles the other day.  That's another sad topic that grocery stores actually excite me these days!

I am looking forward to 2012!  Are you?  I have set myself some goals, not resolutions!  I want to lose another 10 pounds.  I lost 12 in 2011 and want to add to that victory.  I also want to speak and share my testimony at least two times a month.  You can help me with this goal.  If your church would entertain the idea of me sharing my story at some point, please email me at  and I will be overjoyed to contact them.  My third goal is to finish one of the books I have started.  You can help me with this goal too.  Please leave me a comment on facebook and let me know which title you would be most interested in reading:  How to lose your life for Jesus or How to land your man the old fashioned way!  My fourth goal is to re-enter the college world and seek a degree in Christian Counseling.  Wish me luck!  My 5th goal and final written goal is to recruit travelers for my group tour to Venice, Florence and Rome, Italy.  For more information please contact me or click here

My final thought for 2011.  I am currently reading Bill Clinton's new book "Back to Work" and Steve Jobs' biography concurrently.  I'm figuring when I get finished with both, sometime in early January 2012, I should be able to solve our current economic crisis on an Apple "i" device!  Happy New Year!

Gettin' along pretty well,
The Happy Handicap

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  1. Now that I know GOD I know why my first two marriages did not work out. I also know what kind of person I should have been as well as what kind of person he would want me to be with. Now I am trusting in Him to give me the right man at the right time. That being said I would read either book. I have enjoyed reading your other one so I know I will like the next one.